Gatewood Building

This building in downtown Woodstock has been used for many purposes. Though no evidence exists to show when the structure was built, we do know that it was in existence in 1845 when the Gatewood family occupied the house.

At the time John Gatewood Jr. was the publisher of the Shenandoah Herald, Woodstock's primary newspaper. He would print the paper here until 1869 when the news outlet was purchased by the Grabill family. John's son Charles, who was born here, would later accept the surrender of the Apache chief Geronimo in 1886 while he was serving in the 6th US Calvary as a Lieutenant.

Besides serving as the Shenandoah Herald's office and private residence, this building has also been home to several other businesses. These include a Realty Office, Movie Store, Tony's Pizza shop, and a thrift store. This resulted in major changes to the once modest dwelling.

On February 10th an early morning fire gutted the structure and resulted in its demolition.