Central Hotel

Around 1876, the Central Hotel was built on this site, replacing Deary’s Tavern, which had operated here since 1806. On October 8, 1879, an advertisement for the hotel noted “the Bar [is] supplied with choise liquors” and lists Sarah Holtzman as the “Proprietres.” Most likely, she and her husband, S.F. Holtzman, were the hotel’s first owners and managers. Later, the name was changed to the Holtzman Hotel.

On September 14, 1905, the Shenandoah Valley newspaper reported the license of Robert C. Wightman to serve alcohol at the Central Hotel had been transferred to G.B. Survick. Most likely, this indicates a transfer of ownership and these men would have been the proprietors at different times.

During the later 20th century, this structure had been home to the Central Bank, Tidler’s Dry Goods Store, and the post office.