Charles Lindamood Still and Moonshiner "Runners"

On April 10, 1924, the Daily News Record reported Harry Braithwaite of Harrisonburg, Virginia, was arrested for being part of a group that illegally transported, or “ran,” whiskey from Shenandoah County. The paper noted he had been caught with 30 gallons of whiskey in Harrisonburg. The group also made illegal deliveries to Winchester and other cities.

One week later, New Market’s Shenandoah Valley newspaper reprinted a story from the April 11th edition of Winchester’s Daily Independent that reported Braithwaite had been identified as the whiskey runners’ driver and had been arrested in Winchester after a run.

That report noted Braithwaite utilized a brand new Hudson automobile to transport the alcohol from the mountains east of Woodstock. The car, purchased with illicit funds, and several gallons of whiskey had been impounded. At the time of the report, local law enforcement agents were still attempting to determine who had produced the moonshine the group was selling.

A few weeks later, the moonshiner responsible for production had been identified. The Woodstock Times and Edinburg Sentinel Combined reported on May 16, 1924, that Charles Lindamood of Conicville had been indicted for having a still and manufacturing moonshine at his home near Conicville. According to the article, the group’s driver, Braithwaite, had identified Lindamood as the producer. The identification lead to a raid of Lindamood's home and the discovery of the still.

The exact location of this alcohol production site and the dates it operated are unknown.