Rockdale Lime Quarry

The first Lime Kiln was built in Toms Brook by Mr. C.W. Jones, O. Hawkins, and H.W. Scott in 1884. This enterprise eventually fell under the management of Mr. M.L. Bauserman of Toms Brook.

This company quarried limestone from one of several quarries near Toms Brook and then heated it to produce lime. This product is used in masonry, construction, and agriculture.

Over time the demand for lime rose dramatically in the south. The brand produced in Toms Brook became famous as the Rockdale brand and eventually the company adopted that name.

In 1902 the company was purchased by Mr. J.C. Paxton who added a second kiln and cooper plant to the operation. After that the history of the company is virtually unknown. At some time the name was changed to the Toms Brook Lime and Stone Company which ended operations in 1968.

The site was then operated by the Toms Brook Transit-Mix plan until the 1980s.

While it was in operation the quarry was the economic backbone of the town of Toms Brook. Not only was the quarry the town's largest employer, but early operators of the quarry operated both a company store and provided company housing.