Cedar Hill Academy

In 1874 Edinburg’s citizens began a lottery to fund the construction of a school in town. These efforts proved to be successful, and in 1876 what became known as the Edinburg Graded and High School, or the Cedar Hill Academy, was opened.

The school building, a two story frame structure, stood on this site. The first floor was used for classrooms and the second floor contained an auditorium for community and school events. This design was popular in the area and most county schools were built in this style.

Originally the school housed 163 students. These individuals were divided into three grades. Children remained in these grades for several years before advancing. Governance was provided by the Madison District School Trustees who operated the school until 1922 when it was deed to the Shenandoah County School Board.

At the turn of the 20th century the Edinburg School was one of the first in Shenandoah County to provide High School courses and other types of advanced learning opportunities. In 1906 the High School was official founded and a rear wing added to the building to house these new pupils. At the same time a long staircase was constructed to give access to the school from the Valley Pike. These stairs still remain.

Community support for the school remained strong throughout this period. A school league was formed in 1905 to raise additional funds. Dinners, plays, and other fundraisers were held both at the school and town hall. Local families often allowed out of town High School students to board with them since there was no High School in rural areas.

The school operated until 1933 when the new brick Edinburg School opened on Stoney Creek Road. After which, Cedar Hill was demolished and the materials used to repair other schools in the county.